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6 Beautiful Performing Parrots

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Make Your Next Event One to Remember! 

Since 1989, the Happy Birds have entertained Children and adults alike. We now offer a unique online experience that can be personalized for your kids birthday party or any special event!  We also offer educational virtual school and library programs for at-home learning and fun!

The Happy  birds have been featured on the Tonight Show, Ellen, Pet Star, commercials and even hold three world records in the Guinness Book!


Virtual Happy Birds Birthdays

The  personalized 40-45 minute program features 6 parrots and will be shared via Zoom on a scheduled date and time. It includes an 30 (+) min. show, great tricks, 6 amazing parrots and live interaction with the birthday child and special touches to make the occasion one to remember for years to come!

Summer Rate  $225

About Happybirds


A Proven Track Record

With clients including birthdays, schools, libraries and corporate parties. Happybirds's high-energy interactive entertainment is sure to create fantastic memories that will last for years!


Prepare to be amazed

We work for two of the best talking and singing birds in the country!

Yah-kee and Korbel have been featured on the Tonight Show, Ellen, Pet Star and several viral videos.



For birthdays or just to say hi!

For those looking for personalized e-card birthday message, we will bring smiles and laughs to mark the occasion with a high energy prerecorded video with two of our amazing parrots  (one talking bird and one table trick bird of your choice). Cost: $39 (about 5 minutes total)



Wow Your Young Scholars!

For more than 25 years, the Happy Birds have performed at school assemblies, preschools, and camps in the  San Francisco Bay  Area  in  California.   With  more and more  students  learning  in  place,  our  Virtual  Classroom and Assemblies may be just  what teachers are looking for. Our parrot presentations are always educational and fun whether the students are learning at school or from home.  Presentations generally last 30-45 minutes minutes depending on the needs of the instructor or school.

Six of our beautiful feathered friends perform over 25 tricks during the fun, educational and  structured show. At the same time, we teach the audience important facts about parrots. The show features two talking and singing Amazon parrots, colorful Macaws, and clever Cockatoos. 

The entire presentation lasts 30-40minutes, but can be longer or shorter depending on the  needs  of  the  teacher. Students and teachers will learn important facts about parrots and can ask questions during and after the show. When the Happy Birds say their good-byes, kids feel like they have made a feathered-friend.

Rate $225.00

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Have questions? Are you interested in booking a show? Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon!

Ed and Julie Cardoza Happybirds

P.O. Box 1026 San Martin Ca. 95046

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Christie W. San Francisco, CA

University Heights Pre School, Menlo Park, CA

Christie W. San Francisco, CA



 ...the show was so entertaining and my daughter loves it and my guests were blown away by how smart your birds were.  Thank you, thank you again!

Katheryn B.San Jose, CA

University Heights Pre School, Menlo Park, CA

Christie W. San Francisco, CA



That was so cool!  i was not expecting anything like that.  Both of the boys LOVED it.  my son was fascinated that you knew his favorite color was Red when you talked about Boomers orange crest. He said, "I like Orange too!"

University Heights Pre School, Menlo Park, CA

University Heights Pre School, Menlo Park, CA

University Heights Pre School, Menlo Park, CA



Great show again on Friday.  our students and parents loved it!!!  I think we had almost 60 people who showed up. :):):)

This week we will be learning about the Rainforest...feel free to talk about the different birds that live in the rainforest, where do they live and what they may eat...

Mie Y. San Francisco Ca.

Mie Y. San Francisco Ca.

University Heights Pre School, Menlo Park, CA



OMG!!!! It's amazing and just perfect! I love how you customized it and can't wait to show her. 

Thank you!!!

Jean L. San Jose, Ca.

Mie Y. San Francisco Ca.

Jean L. San Jose, Ca.



I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your show today. It's not easy to engage with an audience that's on the computer. But you did it and made it very entertaining!  Fabulous!